I am the owner of the two beautiful Mexico Mansions pictured above.
My fiancé Jenn and I love to travel and enjoy boating as well as most adventurous activities. We would like to barter the use of our Mexico Mansion property (www.MexicoMansion.com) which is fully staffed with butler, gourmet chef, masseuse, day/night waiters and bartenders.

This is a 5 star ocean view property with 13 suites, 2 pools (including swim-up bar/infinity edge), multiple bars, terraces and entertainment area suitable for conferences or retreats. We routinely host tv stars, prominent athletes and famous business entrepreneurs. We boast the best weather in the world..... 88 degrees and sunny with a cool ocean breeze most of the year. We are open to any barter proposals, but are most interested in luxury villas and travel. We love tropical locations near the water!

We are also interested in bartering for a high end motorhome or use of a yacht. I have owned yachts and motorhomes in the past and am an experienced and trustworthy operator. We would also like to trade for cruises and other luxury travel experiences. Neither of us have been to Asia, so that is on our bucket list. Private jet charter time is also of interest. We are also looking for 2 “like new” Quads or other type of 4 wheel ATV to bring to Mexico. We are open for trades for personal watercraft and luxury automobiles.

Available for long term and non-simultaneous trades. We will consider equity trades for properties/assets with fair market value in excess of $3,000,000.00 USD. Trade plus cash option available.

"Barter is Smarter" it allows you to trade the use of your under utilized asset without spending after-tax dollars. We all want to have MORE FUN AND PAY LESS TAXES!

Visit: www.MexicoMansion.com

A Motorhome

A Luxury House

A World Cruise Ship